What do Consumer reporting agencies say about FPE panels

HOMEOWNER ALERT! If you have a Federal Pacific Electric Panel or know someone who does, read this NOW!

Some Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) panels have been linked to fires and other safety hazards. FPE panels were among the most common installed across North America for more than three decades. Where there is one, there could be many. You too may have a Federal Pacific Electric panel – – in your home.

Authorities recommend that Federal Pacific Electric circuit breaker panels be inspected immediately by a professional.

More information on the risks and hazards of Federal Pacific Electric panels can be found at www.ismypanelsafe.com.

Consumer Fraud Committed by Circuit Breaker Company

In a class-action lawsuit, a New Jersey State Court ruled that the Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Company, “violated the Consumer Fraud Act because FPE knowingly and purposefully distributed circuit breakers which were not tested to meet UL standards…”

An expert who investigated the potential hazards of Federal Pacific electric panels stated under UL 489 test conditions that FPE panels fail to tip at a much higher rate than standard panels. In other tests, some Federal Pacific Electric panels failed to operate properly as much as 60% of the time!

If you have a Federal Pacific Electric panel, your home may not be safe if an over-current or short circuit takes place. The panel could refuse to shut power off to your home in a dangerous situation. Instead, your panel could overheat and catch fire.

Many Federal Pacific Electric panels con operate properly for years. But, if and when they do malfunction, a disaster could occur.

Of course, you owe it to yourself and your family to find out if you have a dangerous or defective Federal Pacific Electric panel in your home. Call us today to schedule your in-home safety analysis of your panel.

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