Tesla Charging Stations Kent

As a proud owner of a Tesla, you have proved yourself to be a smart, environmentally conscious person. At Washington Electric, we are glad to help you get optimal benefits from having made the eco-friendly choice of an EV by providing Tesla car battery charging station services in Kent, WA.

We can install Tesla charging stations on private properties so that EV owners do not have to worry about their automobile’s battery running out of ‘juice’ and leaving them stranded. Charging your vehicle can be a breeze when you are able to plug it into a Tesla charger while parked in the garage or any other convenient place.

It is advisable to use dedicated Tesla charging stations instead of any standard electrical outlet because these ensure fast and safe battery recharge. It makes sense to hire trained professionals for installation of Tesla charging stations on Kent properties because doing so guarantees that the Tesla charger is wired:

  • Carefully
  • Correctly
  • To code
  • Without any hassle or unpleasant incident

Charging Station Kent

There are certain things to be considered while installing an electric car charging station. These include:

  • Type of plug
  • Charger level
  • Amperage

While an SAE-standard J1772 is used for plugging in other EVs, a Tesla wall charger needs a different connection. You can place an order for a Tesla charger with the company and then schedule the charging station installation date with us.

We assure you of seamless charging station installation for your Kent home or business. The electricians we send out to do the job are proven pros and have had extensive experience in installing Tesla charging stations.

Tesla Charger Kent

Call us today to discuss your requirements for a Tesla charger in Kent and learn how we can help. We would love to provide you with a personal electric car charging station that helps ensure that your super-efficient Tesla is never brought off the road by a dead battery.

Having us install a wall-mounted Tesla charger in your garage makes life a lot easier. You enjoy the benefits of:

  • No hassle of public Tesla charging station downtime
  • Freedom from a long wait for your turn at plugging in the EV
  • Having the vehicle charged up at a fast pace
  • Charging the EV while it had to sit idle anyways

For those who find accessing the Tesla superchargers at public places inconvenient, Washington Electric can install Tesla charging stations on their Kent properties. Call (425) 341-4211 to schedule a Tesla electric car charger installation.