Standby Generac generator power in North Bend, WA

A while back I was in the kitchen with a can a re-fried beans looking for the can opener.   I looked and looked but couldn’t find it anywhere.  One thing I realized very quickly was that there is no good way to get a can open unless you have an actual “can-opener”.  Sometimes you can’t get the job done unless you have the right tool.

This was absolutely the case for our North Bed Generator installation.  The generator had be be lowered down an embankment on the side of the house.  The only reason we weren’t scratching our heads was because we had the right tools for the job.  Our vehicles are equipped with a generator hoist.  For this job it worked fantastic.  If you look closely at the picture below you can see the cable from our vehicle hoist lowering the generator carefully down the side-yard embankment.


After the generator was in place the rest of our job was very smooth.  We installed our 14kw generator providing the backup power the homeowner was looking for.