Proactively prepare for devastating storms!

Washington Generators offers whole house surge protection for your home! Power surges caused by lightning, faulty wiring, downed power lines, utility company equipment issues, and large appliances that cycle power off and on can happen at any time! All items that contain a microprocessor are at risk, including alarm systems, televisions, computers, phones, washers, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators. You may have a power strip to help guard against power surges. These small power strips offer little to zero protection – take a look at the video below.
A whole home surge protector can save you time and money after each storm (no damage to your valuables, and no expensive service calls from electricians), offers insurance for all of your electronics (inexpensive insurance for your products and no pricey insurance plans), offer you peace of mind (24/7/365 protection), and it is a selling advantage if you are putting your house on the market or up for rent (not many houses have whole home protection, and it demonstrates safety as a high priority). Take a look at the video below, and schedule an appointment with us to proactively prepare for this year’s worst weather.