Hurricane Season Is Rapidly Approaching!

Washington Generators helps homeowners and business prepare for a rapidly approaching intense hurricane season. June is the official start to Atlantic Hurricane season, and we are spreading readiness for the upcoming tropical storms and hurricanes.

Two days before Hurricane Matthew whipped the Atlantic coast into a frenzy, a major retailer was sold out of generators by noon. Checkout lines at grocery stores grew painfully long, and the inevitable rush of last-minute shoppers lasted from open to close.

Get ahead of the game and prepare. Although hurricane season is long, it’s important to prepare ahead of the emergency supply rush. Automatic home standby generators keep critical appliances running — lights stay on, devices stay charged and weather updates are available on television, radio or online.

Anticipate a disruption in the electric utility. Downed power lines, flooding, fallen structures, and debris will affect the speed of power restoration, so it’s important to prepare for an outage duration that may be long and uncomfortable.

Family comes first. Keep an easily accessible emergency hurricane kit for the family and pets. In addition to food and water, this kit should include a flashlight, first aid kit, radio, whistle, prescription medications, and hand tools.

Think about fuel and fuel safety. Keep a vehicle full of gas and make sure the car battery is in working order, especially if you are asked to evacuate. Store gasoline in a safe space away from your generator.

It is always better to be ready than to be caught off guard. Washington Generators offers manageable ways to guide homeowners and businesses through the storm season. Take a simple but proactive course of action by having your annual maintenance done on your generator, or by having a standby generator installed today. Call us now for your free estimate! (253) 777-1749.