Generac model 5872 14kw automatic standby generator Auburn, WA


Washington Electric was selected as the electrical contractor for the installation of this Generac model 5872 14kw automatic standby whole house generator.

The homeowner received several bids, and initially selected the low bidder.  Issues quickly arose that shook the homeowners confidence that the job would be done correctly…… that is when Washington Electric was called back to take over the job. WA Electric pulled and electrical permit and coordinated all the inspections.

This 14kw generator was just barely large enough to handle the electrical needs of this home.  In some cases 14kw may be too small to meet NEC code that states” a generator must be sized large enough to carry the entire load” of the main electrical service. The homeowner purchased the generator after doing his own research and was lucky that the size worked out.  We always recommend contacting us first to make sure that the correct size generator is ordered.


We installed a 200 amp service entrance rated transfer switch model RTSD00A3. We also installed DLM modules (digital load management) per the NEC.  These are the four small boxes in a row in the center of the picture. They automatically turn on and off if the generator is ever overloaded.

We also mounted the equipment inside the garage providing better protection for the transfer switch and control modules from weather.