Electrical permits Federal way, wa

Purchased diectly at the Federal Way city hall.

Community & Economic Development Department
Permit Center
33325 8th
Avenue South
Federal Way, WA 98003-6325
253-835-2607; Fax 253-835-2609


Per WAC 296-46B- 901, an electrical work permit is required for the installation,
alteration, or maintenance of all electrical systems or equipment, except for:

a) Portable electrical devices and portable equipment (i.e., hair dryer, toaster, microwave).

b) Travel trailers.

c) Class A basic electrical work which includes the like-in-kind replacement of the following:
 Circuit breaker (that is used to provide over current protection only for a branch circuit).
 A single set of fuses.
 A single battery smaller than 150 appliance.
 Single family residential luminaires (light fixtures).
 Up to 5 snap switches, dimmers, receptacle outlets, thermostats, heating elements,
and/or luminaire ballasts with an exact same type of ballast.
 Lamps (light bulbs).
 Components of electric signs, outline lighting, or skeleton neon tubing when replaced
on-site by an appropriate electrical contractor and when the sign, outline lighting, or
skeleton neon tubing electrical system is not modified.
 One 10 horsepower or smaller motors.
 Removal of electrical wiring and equipment (demolition work).

d) Class A basic electrical work which also includes:
 Induction detection loops described in WAC 296-46B-300(2) and used to control gate
access devices.
 Heat cable repair.
 Embedding pre-manufactured heat mats in tile grout where the mat is listed by an
approved testing laboratory and comes from the manufacturer with pre-connected
lead-in conductors.