Commercial Exterior Lighting • Show Display Lighting

Washington Electric offers installation and replacement for commercial exterior building lighting.

If the space around your business lacks proper lighting, we can help!

When the lighting ballasts malfunction, it can cause exterior lights to fail.

Have Washington Electric come to your business to replace your exterior lights no matter how old or what condition.

Washington Electric can help you maintain the following types of lights and fixtures:

  • High pressure sodium light fixtures
  • Light pole lamp and ballast replacements
  • Motion sensors
    • Enable lights to come on when motion is detected
    • Lights turn off when motion is no longer happening
    • Useful for outdoor security
    • Good for bathrooms, conference rooms, and break rooms
    • Also available are room occupancy sensors
  • Photocells installed and maintained
  • Clocks that are mechanical or digital
  • Upgrade those old exterior lights with new high output LED wall packs

Washington Electric can also wire your business for commercial electrical signs.

Increase your sales by increasing how many potential customers can see you!

Have Washington Electric help you grow your business by:

  • Signs can be located on the poles in your parking areas
  • We can add exterior light fixtures to direct light to your mounted signs
  • If you need interior signs connected to electrical outlets to provide lit signs for the store front windows, ceilings, or in soffits
  • Maybe you want signs on parapet walls
  • We can help with LED sign connections
  • UL certification of signs
  • We can install photocells and time clocks for your business signage
  • We can trench to provide power to monument-type signs

Commercial Display Lighting

Washington Electric can also assist you in commercial store display lighting.

We can provide display lighting for aisles, display cases, registers, and more.

Another service Washington Electric provides to our business customers is ballast and bulb replacements.

Electricity is not cheap. By installing lower-cost bulbs, you can save on energy usage as well as electricity costs for your business. This can be accomplished by upgrading your fluorescent lamps and ballasts. The upgrades will provide a higher quality of light at similar levels while reducing power consumption up to 40%. This type of savings is usually seen in two to three years as a typical payback.

Some benefits to upgrading your business lights are:

  • Using up to 40% less energy and saving money
  • Color rendering is better
  • Bulbs are cooler to operate
  • Bulbs are quieter in operation
  • Design is lightweight
  • No more flickering of lights at start-up or while lights are on

Over the years, the commercial standard of lighting has been the common 1.5 inch diameter (T12) cool-white fluorescent lamps and the transformer-type magnetic ballasts. These are older technology which is going away fast.

Now, Washington Electric recommends using the high-efficiency 1-inch (T8) lamps which are used in conjunction with electronic ballasts. These are setting up to be the new standards due to the lower power consumption, the low life-cycle cost, and that the illumination more closely resembles natural light.

Energy efficient

  • A 32-watt T8 lamp produce similar levels of light as the older 40-watt T12 bulbs
  • T8 lamps are slim in profile which allows efficient function of gases and rare-earth phosphors
  • T8 lamps are available in 4-foot and 8-foot lengths

Superior color means that the T8 lamps have a higher "color rendering index" (CRI) than T12's do. This means that, when using a bulb with a higher CRI, that the objects and surfaces in a room would appear to be how they would look under natural light.

Efficient electronic ballasts use a high-frequency, solid-state circuitry instead of the older heavy copper windings to perform. Since fluorescent lamps require the ballasts to provide and maintain the correct amounts of voltage and current, the new electronic ballasts are able to produce more light for each watt used, run cooler, as well as last longer. We can also provide electronic ballasts that have high power factor ratings and low-harmonic distortion if it is what is needed for your business lighting needs.

No more flicker or hum like the florescent lights of old. The rapid flicker of the lights as well as the soft buzz or hum can be a huge issue for those people that are sensitive to the noise or flickering of lights. This does not occur with the new electronic ballasts, as almost none of the flickering or humming will occur. The new electronic ballasts are also half of the weight of the magnetic ballasts. Washington Electric can do a retrofit of electronic ballasts that usually results in almost six pounds of weight from a typical four-lamp fixture.

How much can I save?

If your business has the traditional cool-white T12 lamps and are using them in a room or large areas that must have continuous lighting, this is where you will most likely see the most in terms of savings. If this is your business situation, then using the instant-start electronic ballasts with the T8 lamps, you will see a huge difference in savings due to energy consumption. If you need intermittent lighting, such as for a conference room that is used occasionally, then selecting rapid-start ballast that consumes a bit more power may be the better choice to help maintain lamp life.