Tenant Improvement

Electrical Contractor Maple Valley, Covington, Auburn & Renton

This involves all of the work necessary to move your business or make your space rentable. This involves changing, switches, outlets, plugs, fixtures, service upgrades, lighting upgrades, repairs, alterations etc.

TI Electrical projects:

  • Electrical Demolition
  • Service upgrades2
  • Delivering 3-phase power
  • Increasing available amperage
  • Adding or changing commercial electrical panels and CT cans.
  • Installing sub-metering
  • Installation of CAT5 and Internet cabling.


Kotis Design (Washington top 100 company)

  • Washington Electric was in charge of connecting the automatic screen press printing equipment

Saltworks (Another Washington top100 company)

  • Power distribution, feeders, multiple 75KVA transformers

Comcast Bathroom remodel

  • Commercial fire alarm
  • Can lighting layout