Choosing a generator has never been easier!

The weather is changing, and choosing a generator for this year’s storm season has never been easier! Just tell us what you want powered and we handle the rest. Take a look around your house. What do you want powered? Your refrigerator? Lights? Heat? Sure, those things are important. Any generator can handle the basics. What else is important? Your sump pump? Your washer and dryer? What about any medical supplies or important electronics?

With Washington Generators, you don’t need to pick and choose what you want powered during an outage. You can have everything in your house powered and live life without any interruptions. We show you different options for generator placement, sizes, and benefits. We also handle gas piping, electrical wiring, and give a brief demonstration of how the generator works. We are familiar with city ordinances, inspections, and regulations. And, as an added benefit, we perform the generator’s annual maintenance, keeping your warranty valid and ensuring your generator lasts a long time. Give us a call today and see how Washington Generators can power your every need. 253-777-1749