20kw standby generator Redmond, wa

We found a nice spot along side the garage for this automatic standby generator.  Because this Window doesn't open we were able to place it closer than the normal 5 feet allowed to Windows and doors. Pse has been contacted and had schedule a has a meter and line upgrade...

20kw Generac generator Fall city, wa

This 20kw generator was located on the side of the garage.  We maintained our setbacks with no problems. We tied into the main panel with a 200amp transfer switch.  Our gas meter was tied in with 1 1/4" gas line to feed the generator. Our gas inspector inspected the system...

11kw Generac standby generator kent, wa

This automatic transfer switch was recessed into the wall. It will automatically sense a power outage and restore power within 12 seconds. The generator  was installed nicely alongside the house . And the electrical and gas lines were buried up to the generator.

14kw Lake tapps Generac generator installation

This 14kw required a little digging to get the gas and electrical to the generator. We also had to saw-cut the concrete to properly route the wiring. The transfer switch fit nicely on the outside of the house. This will automatically turn power on and off.