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Archive for March 2013

Residential new construction house wiring Kent, WA

This is a new home we have in progress. The house is roughed-in and we are making up the mail electrical panel here. The 200 amp panel connections are completed. We like to install GFCI receptacles on the bathroom circuits to be used during the rest of the construction process. The home is a 3…

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Are fuses safe seattle, wa

Fuses have been around since the beginning of electricity in the 1880’s and were used in homes until the 1950’s. Some great things about fuses: They turn of the electricity faster than residential circuit breakers when there is a short circuit They don’t malfunction and create a shock hazard In the 1950’s circuit breakers began…

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Top 5 ways to prevent receptacle fires Renton, wa

The homeowner never saw this coming. It all started when the carpet cleaning company showed up and plugged in what looked like a nice quality extension cord. The customer was horrified when a short time later she noticed a small visible flame at the plug on the wall! The good news is that they unplugged…

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Commercial electrian equipment connections kent, wa

Warehouses in the Kent and auburn valley have a lot of electrical equipment for a huge variety of business needs. We connected the equipment here for a shrink wrapping machine. This required the installation of 3/4 emt conduit in areas protected from forklift travel.

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Standby Generator for Salt saltwater fish tank bonney lake, wa

One of my kids favorite movies is finding Nemo. There is something relaxing and calming about watching fish float effortlessly around a properly maintained tank. But, it does require a lot of work and time to create a beautiful tank. This is why an automatic standby generator had a lot of appeal to this customer…

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Jfc manual Generator connection

Outside location for manual gen connection Main jfc electrical service in the tenant space 600 amp 480v panel Panel schedule for 480v 600 amp main distribution panel 200amp 120/208v panel 120/208v panel schedule 75 KVA transformer 480v Sub panel 480v sub panel circuit directory Gear in main electrical room 600amp jfc main service disconnect Potential…

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Generac 14kw standby generator puyallup, wa

We were called in to finish another electrician’s installation.  The customer already had the generator and transfer switch partially installed.  When we arrived on site we found code violations that had to be corrected.  The transfer switch that had been recessed into the wall (which made for a nice installation) had not been connected with…

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Are two prong outlets safe? Seattle, WA

WHAT IS A TWO PRONG OUTLET? These outlets are all over the Seattle area.   Older homes built before about 1960 had outlets with only two openings for a hot wire (black) and a neutral wire (white).  These type of outlets have no ground wire (bare copper or green).  Over time evidence showed that this exposed…

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