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Archive for October 2012

7kw core power Edgewood

Because the generator had to be located away from the house we had to trench to the generator location. After the electrical inspector looked over our work we carefully filled the trench and replaced the grass. This took a little coordination as we had to make sure to contact the inspector and the right time…

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Fuses in main electrical panel Des Moines, WA

This panel in Des Moines still worked, but a panel upgrade would go a long ways and provide cleaner and safer Power. Now it is true that this electrical panel is “grandfathered in”.  Basically meaning that at the time is was installed it did in fact meet the electrical code requirement for a safe installation.…

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Generac 10kw Generator in Bonney Lake, WA

We followed Bonney Lake rules for setbacks.  There are many cities that have setback requirements.  Following these requirements can help protect you from a neighbors complaint after the installation is complete. We have Bonney Lake scheduled for the gas inspection.  If you look closely you can see the flexible UL listed gas connection with the…

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Generac 20kw install in Snohomish

You’ll never believe it, but part way through this install before we were complete the owners lost power! Three very next day we came back as scheduled to finish the job. The owner is super happy she doesn’t have to worry during the next outage. Which, apparently is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

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Generac 20kw Mercer Island, gas upgrade too

Our first step was visiting the Mercer Island city call to purchase our gas and electrical permits. This install used a 200 amp SE rated ATS. For a clean look we are going to install the DLM modules next to the ATS to limit the load to the maximum of 75 amps that is can…

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Generac 8kw standby in Renton

The Generac model 5870 provides space for 10 circuits. Amazingly the homeowner only had 10 total (single pole) circuits in the entire panel! Since they have gas hot-water and a gas furnace……..it will be like there is no outage at all. Everything except the oven will be working. Running on Natural gas this will produce…

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