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Archive for June 2011

Is $40 for a light bulb too much? Not for LED's

Starbucks doesn’t think so. They might be right. New energy efficient bulbs use only 6 watts to produce the equivalent of 60 watts of light. They also last up to 50,000 hours compared to 2,000 hours for incandescent lamps. This it’s a huge savings over the long haul! The LED lamp looks normal here. But…

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Challenger breakers melting in electrical panel

Look out for these challenger breakers.  They are not a good design The white coloring and residue is from the overheating and desentigration of the circuit breaker. The more residue the more “arcing” it’s occurring……left unattended this can easily lead to a fire. click here for more information about what we can do to make…

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Small Commercial Fire Alarm system

The city of Seattle has a certification that is required to work on fire alarm system called the FA-1. We have this certification! We do small fire alarm systems with 6 devices or less. We are more affordable because we do not have the expensive NICET fire alarm designers that other larger companies do. Give…

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The Cobra Hooka Lounge needed electrical

We got the permit and completed city of Tacoma required code corrections in only one day after two other contractors said it would 1.5 days or more.  Owner Brent Duncan was great to work with and if you mention this post is offering limited number of 50% memberships for The Cobra Lounge

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Kitchen remodel

We helped out a dentist in University Place with his kitchen remodel.  We added GFCI’s for safety and rerouted power for switches and outlets.   We’re ready for kitchen cabinets to be installed!

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Starbucks lighting problems

We did another service call at the Starbucks on E Olive Way.  This location was completely remodeled and looks so nice. They have a super fancy programmable lighting control panel too. The $50 LED light bulbs have been failing repeatedly and we were asked to investigate. Additionally we inspected bad CFL lamps.  The diagnosis?  Off…

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T5 track light fixture install

This was an installation for a  business in downtown Auburn called Cycle Gear. It was a great way to make a conversion from energy hogging incandescent lights, to energy efficient T5 lights.  Look closely to see that the suspended fixtures are mounted on the existing 54 foot long lighting track. The old track heads were…

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Comcast bathroom remodel

most of the commercial work and we do has steel stud framing. Steel stud framing has special requirements for the electrical materials used. Emt conduit and mc cable require special tools in training to install correctly .

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